Advanced Chip Technology

ITS Jaguar and ITS Cheetah Timing Systems uses a disposable and/or reusable timing chip that can be attached to a race bib, bike helmet, ankle strap, wet suit, tennis shoe, motorcycle, etc.  None of our chips require a battery…and most of them are as light as a feather.  Each one has a built in microprocessor that ensures maximum reads even during the most challenging of conditions. Talk about powerful…unlike older systems that can only read the chip at short distances, our chips are so powerful they can be read from as far as 50 feet away!  Need to time a cycling race where mats simply can’t be used?  No problem with Jaguar or Cheetah.  Want to put your Triathlon split point at the edge of the lake for a true swim time…again not a problem with our technology!  And remember the best part of all…because many of our timing chips are inexpensive and disposable, you don’t have to hassle with collecting them at the end of the race.

Advanced Hardware Technology

The Jaguar and Cheetah systems include a powerful set of computers and readers that connect to our antennas and read the timing chips.  Our system has the ability to grow from a single computer system for small races with perhaps 50 runners, to a highly-redundant platform that can manage a race with over 100,000 runners.  The system can provide complete redundancy and offers automatic backups of race data…a must for larger races such as Marathons!  In short, there’s no race we can’t handle.  The Jaguar hardware comes in a hardened case, much like rock musicians use when they are on tour.  The case protects your equipment, provides water proofing, and makes it quick and easy to setup at a race.  Inside the case, you’ll find our Jaguar or Cheetah RFID readers, computer, and a backup power supply capable of running the system for up to 24 hours.  Of course, the computer comes pre-loaded with our powerful Jaguar or Cheetah software for managing your entire race!

Powerful Race Software

The Jaguar and Cheetah systems include powerful software that not only reads the timing chips, it provides complete race management capabilities.  During a race, runner information is updated in real-time and displayed on screen.  You can access individual results for any runner, any group of runners, or for the entire field of runners.  In fact, you can print updated race reports at any time.  With our automated networking, you can have race information sent to a master computer and print race results every couple of minutes.  If you have an announcer at your race, you can provide him/her race results as they happen! The software stores all results in a database for future retrieval, and you can export race results to a spreadsheet file or to third-party race programs.  As if that wasn’t enough, the software can help you figure out the finish time for a runner who has lost their chip!  Imagine that, a race with outstanding results, even when a chip is lost during the race